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Dear Journalist,

Hot tub owners can now enjoy an at-home spa experience with ahhNatural, the non-toxic hot tub maintenance solution. This product, which uses naturally occurring minerals, is the solution for private spa owners who are tired of traditional chemical sanitizers like chlorine and bromine and are seeking a truly therapeutic alternative.

Even though today's hi-tech tubs keep chemicals to a minimum, ahhNatural goes one step further by breaking down and eliminating chlorine and its by-products in the municipal water transforming it into naturally pure mineral water. With ingredients like vitamin C and ancient sea salts, ahhNatural replenishes skin rather than punishes it.

With this product, personal spa owners can relax and stop worrying about irritated skin or adverse chemical effects on their lungs and focus on treating themselves to a truly therapeutic retreat at home.

Developed with advanced technology commonly used in the water purification industry, ahhNatural replaces chemicals with naturally occurring ingredients to keep hot tubs clean and safe and reduce toxins from entering the ecosystem.

With ahhNatural's sustainable qualities, consumers are given an environmentally friendly option when it comes to hot tub maintenance. In California alone, two billion gallons of toxic hot tub water are dumped into the ecosystem each year [1]. This number could decrease significantly with the use of ahhNatural.

With comparable costs and maintenance time to traditional systems, ahhNatural was developed as a lifestyle choice offering a therapeutic, people safe, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chemical sanitizers.

For additional information please visit http://www.ahhnatural.com.


Jane Weeks

[1] Based on average water used annually per hot tub and number of hot tub owners in 2003 provided by PK Data.

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