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Hot Tub Water Care: Is it time for something new?

Aaahhh the indescribable feeling of the moment a toe touches the hot water, the body eases itself into the tub, the initial sting of the heat wisps you away and your muscles start to give in to the luxurious soak a hot tub provides. But wait, what's that smell emanating from the water? It's that harsh, chemical scent that takes over our senses, turning a time of relaxation into a "how long till I get out?" That’s that dreaded "ick" feeling.

Most people don't really want to think about the health and safety of the water they swim or bathe in. So what is in the water, besides water? Is my skin absorbing these compounds? If I swim in, soak in or drink this water, am I in danger, how do I know if I’m doing the right thing? But times are changing, and people are becoming more aware of the immediate environment they live in. As a result many are beginning to wonder how they can make the water they surround themselves with better and ultimately healthier for their bodies and the planet.

The most common chemical is Chlorine – it kills many organisms that can cause illness, but did you know that chlorine is also a well-known carcinogen and can cause discomfort and exasperate illness over time? No, chlorine won’t kill you, but the question to ask is: Is there a better way to clean your hot tub?

Designed from the best technologies in the water purification industry, ahhNatural has become the most trusted people friendly and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional hot tub chemicals. ahhNatural works in two ways to naturally control bacteria and purify water. First, porous volcanic rock makes water clear and limits odor-causing compounds by absorbing organic based contaminants, including the ammonia found in perspiration. Second, a patented blend of bacteriostatic or elemental minerals work together to control bacteria, prevent scale accumulation and remove chlorine through a natural process called REDOX.

Now, you can soak up something good and turn your hot tub into the oasis the way nature intended. Don’t forget to use code natural1 at checkout and receive $25 off!

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