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"The wonderful thing is the lack of exposure to chemicals that could be harmful to my family."
Larry Pinson,
President, Nevada State Board of Pharmacy,
Verdi, Nevada

"I only have positive things to say about ahhNatural. In the past when I would get out of my tub I would feel like I needed to take a rinse shower. With ahhNatural I feel clean and refreshed. Even without a circulating pump for my wood-fired hot tub. ahhNatural is able to keep my water sanitized with little effort. I recommend this product to anyone interested in a 'natural' form of water sanitation."
Tom Hellmann,
General Manager, The Snorkel Stove & Spa Co.,
Seattle, Washington

"We've been using ahhNatural for 4 yrs. now, and would never go back to chemicals. We use our spa twice every day, each, and love the way the water and pad makes us feel. No scum, no odor, no chemicals, ahhNatural is our 'little heaven on this earth.' We use our tub everyday, change the pad only once 6-12 months."
Lee and Betsy Bowles,
Sun Valley, Nevada

"Due to the fact that I am allergic to most chemicals, soaps and perfumes, I use my hot tub every day as my bathing facility. The water purification system in my hot tub maintains my water clean and clear at all times. The last bacteria test tested at zero organisms per 100ml."
Lloyd Stanley,
Sparks, Nevada

"I love the thing. It works great, I don't have to put any chemicals at all in the water and it keeps everything nice and clean. I am a big proponent of it".
Gary Talbot,
Donner Lake, California

"I enjoy my spa much more often since I switched from chemicals to ahhNatural. Maintenance time is minimal, no more chlorine odor when I'm in the spa, and my skin feels normal when I get out."
Tom Murphy,
Reno, Nevada

"I don't like the smell and idea of chemicals. My ahhNatural is 9 months old and its working great."
Don Johnston,
Verdi, Nevada

"It's great that I don't have to use any toxic chemicals anymore. I don't have to worry about trying to keep proper chemical balance, it was a real hassle."
Doug Mahrer,
Truckee, California

"It keeps our hot tub clean. We don't use anything except ahhNatural. The fact that it keeps our spa chemical free is about as spectacular as you can get!"
Diane Lovett,
Reno, Nevada

"We really enjoy ahhNatural. We haven't used any chemicals since we bought it. We have been a happy customer since 1998."
Irene McClure,
Lake Tahoe, California

"I use my spa every day. The spa water has remained clear and odor free without the use of any chlorine, bromine or ozone, and almost no other attention. The pH has remained neutral without adjustment. My wife would not go in the spa because the bromine dried out her skin. Now she enjoys it as much as I do. I gave ahhNatural to my son for his spa a couple months ago, and he is having the same results. This is a great product!"
Chip Barcus ,
Manufacturers' Agent

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