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Earth Benefits

natural hot tub
The non-toxic revolution begins with you.

Introducing chlorine or bromine into your hot tub may not seem like a major crime against nature. But the problem isn't just you. There are more than 6.3 million hot tubs in the United States alone, producing nearly 20 billion tons of environmentally-harmful wastewater. That means that millions of gallons of spa waste are released where it eventually finds its way into rivers, streams and groundwater causing adverse effects on the environment. ahhNatural is designed to control bacteria, but produces no harmful byproducts. It substantially reduces impact on the environment.

As people become more aware of the health hazards associated with harsh chemicals, and the environmental hazards associated with soaking in and releasing chemically treated spa water into the environment, they have begun to seek out "green" alternatives.

ahhNatural was developed as a people safe, environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional sanitizers.

Recycling aahNatural

At this time, the recommended way to dispose of a used aahNatural pad is simply to put it out for collection with other household trash.

But aahNatural will begin a recycling program for used pads in the near future – both because the byproducts have some value in large quantities, and because we believe nothing of value should end up in a landfill.

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