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Non-toxic is good for you.
And non-toxic works in your hot tub.

ahhNatural is an easy-to-use natural hot tub maintenance product based on the same advanced technology commonly used in the water purification industry. ahhNatural has been perfected in over ten years of research and development.

A 16x16-inch mesh tea bag containing naturally-occurring minerals, ahhNatural naturally controls bacterial growth, absorbes organics like sweat and purifies hot tub water for up to one year or more. Unlike other "natural" hot tub supplies that depend on periodic 'shocks' of toxic spa chemicals to maintain their effectiveness, ahhNatural works continuously 24/7/365 without chemical spikes. ahhNatural allows you to soak chemical free. ahhNatural restores your hottub back into the spa water that nature intended.

    The AhhNatural kit is a complete 1 year system (most of our customer are getting a year and a half), all you need in addition is 1 pt of 3% hydrogen peroxide every 2 weeks about $2 a month. Keep your old water in your tub so you can detox or purge all the spa chemicals and organic build up in your spa before you start using ahhNatural.

    Kit iIncludes:

  • ahhnatural mineral bag
  • 6 lbs ancient sea salt (enough to change your water seasonally)
  • Natural Ph management: good for your body : Ahh Up (baking soda) : Ahh Down (vitamin C)
  • instructions.

    You will see in our store that we offer several other hot tub supplies in our first aid section. We know each of you have different needs and habits. All the product we offer are the healthiest problem solvers on the market. These hot tub supplies can aid you in preventing water trouble if you have ocassional heavy bather loads or help in water recovery when you've slacked off on maintenence (we all do now and then).

    OH BY THE WAY. The EPA requires us to recommend periodic shocks of Chlorine or Bromine (classified as pesticides by the way! err!). We say use your common sense, don't bathe in any water that is suspect - including chemical soup!

    ORDER NOW! Invented and inspired by the Natural beauty of Lake Tahoe. Made in the USA.

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